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Schweizer Rendite-Immobilien AG

Are you looking for maximum security, flexibility and a reasonable return on your investment? Schweizer Rendite-Immobilien AG offers you an ideal combination of these three objectives.

We buy, renovate, manage and sell only real estate at good profitable locations in Switzerland to create more value and security for your capital when you purchase one of our real estate properties.

The prices for Swiss real estate have been increasing moderately and continuously for years, without large fluctuations. We see no end to this development, although declining immigration and higher interest rates may lead to a certain slowdown. It’s based on the combination of the following factors:

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    Access to interesting properties with potential thanks to many years of real estate experience and connections to the informal market

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    Reasonable gross yields thanks to a focus on marketable, easily rentable real estate

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    Long-term rental and low levels

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    Efficient, cost-effective management through the use of synergies

CH Real Estate

The Strategy

Purchase and sales of real estate

We invest exclusively in interesting Swiss real estate with potential. With regard to residential properties, we are looking for good locations that can be rented out in the long term. Here we also analyse the market to see what’s in demand, small apartments, large apartments, mainly families or rather singles in the catchment area. What is the development of the municipality, canton like, what are the tax bases, etc? We build or renovate the property so that you can get the highest possible return on investment when you purchase one of our real estate properties.

For business properties, we decide on excellent positions with convenient node points, large catchment area and long-term rental contracts.

Through the use of the entire value added chain from purchasing, project development, implementation and management we create synergies and added values. As a reasonable gross return we are striving for a value in over that of the average for the Swiss market.

Part of our strategy is the consideration of economic and ecological aspects. Thanks to the use of synergies, we can manage and renovate cost-effectively.


Renovation and conversion of real estate

Conversion or a restoration of the building? Here, too, we have the perfect solution. From small to large renovation or conversion, we offer everything from one source. Our subsidiary SRI Baumanagement AG has so far implemented dozens of projects on their own, as well as third-party real estate. Contact us, and we will be happy to assist you from the planning to the execution of your project.


Managing Real Estate

After buying or selling a property, our lean but all the more efficient management structure comes to bear. Thanks to years of experience we can manage efficiently but cost effectively. A residential or commercial premises that stands empty equals loss of profit. This is what we are trying to eliminate through long-term contracts, solvent tenants and a leaner administration. You can also profit from this experience.


Jaroslav Augustin

Chairman of the Board, Schweizer Rendite-Immobilien AG
«We concentrate on what we do well.»

Why Swiss real estate?

Real estate brings sustainable value!!!!!

Real estate prices rise in good locations in the long-term average. Well maintained properties have no expiry date.

The stock markets also offer high opportunities, but also enormous risks. Life insurance, bonds, etc. achieve only minor yields. For safety-oriented investors, there are hardly any alternatives to real estate.

The Swiss real estate market is characterized by some special features: Since the end of the 1990s, prices have grown steadily and moderately.  In contrast to actual hotspots like London, Paris, etc., it has never experienced "pendulum swings".

The economic environment for real estate investments in Switzerland is ideal. The interest rates are low. Irrespective of the interest rate turnaround initiated by the FED (US), in the longer term low interest rates can be expected, but in any case a moderate rise in interest rates can be calculated.

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Nadine Oberhuber

Economic journalist in the FAZ
«Real estate is the only asset class in which you can still achieve significant income and value growth.»


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3600 Thun (BE)

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9300 Wittenbach (SG)

Your Partner

Your partner for your property

Schweizer Rendite-Immobilien AG (SRIAG) is a group of companies with a focus on living and business. Through the acquisition of existing companies including their real estate and key people, from the start they have had a portfolio and proof of performance going back years.

Schweizer Rendite-Immobilien purchases, rents, restructures and sells real estate.

A strong capital base gives the SRIAG investment potential. Their biggest capital is undoubtedly the around 30 years of real estate experience that comes together in shareholders, the board of directors and management.

The Company

Company Facts (01.06.17)




CHF 10 Mio.




Credit Suisse, Paradeplatz 8, 8070 Zürich
IBAN CH95 0483 5179 1353 4100 0



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Facility 5

Board of Directors

Jaroslav Augustin

Chairman of the Board of Directors
Born in 1962. Economist FH. After the completion of a basic commercial training and several years of professional practice in the area of insurance, he studied at the University of St Gallen and completed his studies as a business economist at the Higher School of Economics and Business Administration (HWV) in Zurich. In the last 30 years he has been active in various management functions in the areas of banking, consulting and technology. He is on the board of directors of several real estate companies, as well as the founder and shareholder of Schweizer Rendite-Immobilien AG.
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Wolfgang Raimann

Member of the Board of Directors
Born in 1961. After completing secondary school, he interned at a large Swiss bank. During his studies at the Higher School of Economics and Business Administration (HWV) in Zurich he worked at the same bank in the stock market organisation and IT. After graduation he worked as a financial analyst with a focus on real estate investments at a renowned private bank. After this, he worked in various management functions in banking, telecommunications and consulting, in addition to part-time teaching. He has worked independently for over twenty years in the areas of communication and consulting.
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Rüdiger Sielisch

Member of the Board of Directors
Born in 1960. Graduate Engineer (FH) for building construction. After completing an apprenticeship as a carpenter, he studied at the school of engineering for construction in Magdeburg. He practised professionally as a project engineer in industrial construction. After this, he worked for 20 years as a construction manager in different companies in Berlin. Since 2007, he has worked in Switzerland as a construction manager and project manager for various companies in the field of real estate. His main focus is the maintenance and renovation of the properties.


Bill B. Mistura

SRI-Portrai; Sielisch175

Rüdiger Sielisch

Project Manager
Graduate Engineer (FH) for building construction

Our business partners


Property brokerage, technical management


Herr Straub

Frau Fischer

Bümplizstrasse 104b

Postfach 672

3018 Bern

+41 (0)31 991 76 18


Financing, brokerage


Herr Heller

Frau Catalano

Wägistrasse 21

8952 Schlieren

+41 (0)44 533 10 10


The next step to a rewarding investment


Industriestrasse 51
6312 Steinhausen - Schweiz

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